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Noida start up Panini Keypad breaking language barriers on mobile phones – Economic Times.

Energizer Inductive Charger

Charging your smartphone is as easy as setting it down. The Energizer Inductive Charger has Qi, the future of charging.

via Energizer Inductive Charger.

Password-less logins with OpenSSH.

Since I made mysite public, I have been ask by many of my friends that how to make such site and have their own domain name? So in this blog, I will put all information for starting personal website. I tried to find out the BEST option for everything like web designing site, best hosting site, best domain name option etc. So don’t waste time in searching and just start building your website. I think it would be a nice idea to spend weekend for building your website. Please follow step by step procedure.
Step#1: Book a good domain name.
1) I suggest taking http://www.[yourname].com. In place of .com you take other options such as or .in whatever you like. This will be easy for everyone to remember and make your own identity.
2) Where should you book your domain name? I am using services of sify. But I will not recommend it. It is costly, and does not provide good support in managing account online. In my opinion, the best two options are GoDaddy and BigRock. Both are very good options and you can choose any of them. BigRock has started aggressive TV campaign in India. Check out BigRock first.

3) Do you need a hosting space?? You can also buy some web space to put your content. If you are planning to buy then buy a web hosting plan that includes both your domain name and space. Check out WebSpace and Hosting page for details. It will add cost and there are options available for free space. So my suggestion is, If you just making your site for first time just buy domain name. You can buy space later if you want.
Step#2 Make Website : good looking one..
1) There are many free website building services available. How to choose the BEST.? Keep following things in mind while selecting web site builder. You search and try. Or you can go to
a. Should have Good Templates or Theams. It essentially means that it should have what you like.
b. No Advertisement.
c. Choose or Add custom template and modify existing template
d. You can put Advertisement to earn some money. There should be no restriction on that.
e. It has to be free and easy.
2) Select the template you like and add different modules into it. It is very easy to use
Step#3 : what content you should add to start with?
1) Home page. : Small paragraph about your new website. Your Photo and contact details. Your social networking links like Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn. , Calendar.
2) About Me : Your professional profile, what are working etc.
3) My reviews: This varies from person to person. If you like to read a lot you can post book reviews here, if watch a lot of movie then movie review, if you love gadgets then write about them etc. Or you can write about all of them.
4) MyPhotos. You can upload your photos to photo sharing site like fliker or Picasa and put it on this site.
5) Blog : If you want to write some article then add this option.
6) GuestBook. Give some space for people to put their comments.
7) MyReadings : If you read a lot of articles on net the you can put the link of good articles here.

Step4# DNS(Domain Name Server) setting.

You bought domain name. Now that name has to point to your website. You have login to Domain Register(GoDaddy or BigRock) and go to DNS management. There you have add following two CNAME records.
a. Host : www
b. Webaddress : e.g
a. Host : files
b. Webaddress : e.g

This is a series of posts where i will write about new technologies/gadgets those are coming in near future to create mojo in our life…

Apple iPad
Apple TV
Cisco cuis
Google TV
Intel WeTAB
Intel WiDi

This post is about Co-relating Driving style and Business Attitudes. I had this thought before but thanks to my friend Kashyap,who had written series of posts on this thought. I got inspired to write more on this. So here it goes…

Driving has become a part of life for everyone. No matter how wealthy a person is!!!!. Everyone drives daily in one or other way.Be it just by two wheelers or by plane. Driving could be fun or could be a nightmare depending on Driving Conditions. While driving on two wheels with your loved once in monsoon and on empty road can be very romantic, the same thing could be nightmare when both of you are driving to office or to local market in same atmospheric condition . That is only because road to office or market is very common for many people. So everyone has to share the same road to fulfill their needs. This will work until road is large enough to accommodate routine traffic. But once it crosses the limit, either some of us has to find alternative road or a totally new road has to be built to fulfill the growing need of traffic. So how it can be co-related to Business?

In Business, At times company faces tough competition when it has common or same product that others have (SHARING COMMON ROAD). Company can continue its business in same SHARED market till market size if large enough to accommodate companies. But sooner or later it saturates and company has to find alternative market (TAKING ALTRNATIVE ROAD) or has to create new market to take the advantage of first mover to capture the market share (BUILD NEW ROAD). Alternative road will help them to enjoy profits (ROMANTIC AFFAIRS FOR COMPANY) from their targeted customer (COMPANY’s LOVED ONCE).

Mitesh Koradia

Apple – 26/27 Jan – A Big hype and many rumors, guesses, analysis, insider information, hints from already existing device have already flooded Blogs, Techsites ,Newspaper sites on the Internet. People are so curious to know about the upcoming release in advance meaning before the “Apple” announce it in public. Added salt to this recipe is the official invitations sent out by Apple. Based on “My surfing” in last few days, most of the people are anticipating tablet kind of device from apple. Some said that it would be for health care and some said that it would be for everyday in house holds. My bet is totally different. Apple is known for incarnation of the whole new ecosystem. iTune and Appstore are the classic example. So this time too they may play a same shot who knows?. This time they can give a incarnation of new ecosystem related to “Digital Art”. They can come up with a platform to sell Digital Arts work of the artist online May you can not download images but you can order painting or art work for your home or office. May be you can download also They may also launch a device like “Drawing Pad” for artists. It will have already known technologies like multi touch and digital brushes for artists.
So what are the rationals behind this?
1) Their invitation made me to think this way.
2) They released a special mouse some time before.
3) People reported that apple is working on multi touch version of desktop application.
4) There are so many stock photography sites. that means business model is viable.
5) Who is dominant player in providing digital art equipments? Can you guess? There is a company called “WACOM” who makes multi touch tablets for creative artists. It has be claim on one of the website that they have more that 70% of market share for this kind of device. The device from this company are like industry standard for the artists. again there is a chance for apple to break monopoly. A huge market for selling devices as well with applications. That’s all what i had to say for apple’s upcoming innovation. Let’s see what they launch.

Thank you for reading a long post.
Mitesh Koradia